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Tim Burton Quot Next Is Dark Shadows

The film, written by John August, is based on the cult supernatural 60s TV show created by Dan Curtis. It talked to Richard D Zanuck producer, saying the director Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are making Dark Shadow this summer and that it Tim next project after Alice in Wonderland. Collider. With over 1. Johnny Depp play Barnabas Collin, the vampire patriarch of the series. 225 episodes, Dark Shadow was a great atmosphere, spooky soap-opera gothic horror that characterized clamps as Vampires, monsters, witches, werewolves, ghosts and zombies that ran from 1966 to 1971 and characterized as Jonathan Frid actor Collin.
5.12.08 16:11

Amy Winehouse Gave Blake Farewell Sex In The Hospital

Sunday is reporting that before Blake was ordered to Slammer, took a trip to Amy Winehouse d bed hospital for one last romp. Or as the sun likes to call it, goodbye Bonk.. Such messages can be missed breakfast.
5.12.08 16:11

Bush Airport Puts Karaoke In Its Terminals

No matter. Karaoke landed all airport George Intercontinental Airport, just in time for Christmas. For the first time the Houston airport system is the addition of karaoke to its menu of holiday music. The first session this afternoon, behind security between terminals D and E. Now you can delete security, step up to the microphone and belt your travel frustrations by singing the Beatles no man or Help! Or, if you not such a Grinch, you can Croon Vacation Home or Sentimental Journey.
5.12.08 16:11

Lily Allen Gets Sex Toys From Jaime

A source at Ann Summers party in London Enchantment Baccarat Room on Monday night (01. 08), said British newspaper Daily Star has enjoyed Lily be unique, since the division by Ed but she was moaning about his sex life. The Smile singer that was only because the Division of Chemical Brothers star Ed Simon in August was reportedly complained about his sex life quiet, and shakes Jaimethinks gifts will help satisfy his urges. 12.
5.12.08 16:11

Guns N Quot Roses Kiss Megadeth Alice Cooper Members Featured On Northern Light Orchestra Cd

NORTHERN LIGHT ORCHESTRA highlights majestic, orchestrated rock music with soaring voice, incredible guitar solos worthy of true Guitar Hero status, rhythms and the weight will certainly impress and invigorate the baby boomer generation that grew on what is now classic rock! Combined with the talents of executive producer and long record Mogul Russ Regan, (responsible for over 800 million record sales with such artists as NEIL DIAMOND ELTON JOHN and BARRY WHITE as soundtracks such as Flashdance and Jesus Christ Superstar ), is NLO ardesiata to become a seasonal performance and live recording agency that provides the best in entertainment!.
5.12.08 16:11


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